When companies fail, or fail to grow, it’s almost always because they don’t invest in the people, the systems and the processes they need
— Howard Schultz

THE behaviours of system and process (5)

The System and Process capability refers to the arrangement of management and staff, their roles, functions and business administration requirements; the role of business systems, business equipment and inventory management systems; and policies and procedures pertaining to business functions. It requires leaders to have a sensitivity to the balance between people based and automated processes, and to use their wisdom to identify, create and continuously improve business systems and processes. 

system and process behaviours include:


Integrates and coordinates appropriate systems and processes

A leader's ability to integrate and coordinate appropriate systems and processes for their business unit or organisation is a key behaviour to ensure effective function. Such an integration may take a team of engineers or one or two support staff (i.e. to improve an administration function). The behaviour of the leader (to coordinate and integrate appropriate systems and processes) remains constant and is what is being measured here. 


Ensures efficient and effective use of information systems

An information system may exist within an organisation that is poorly utilized resulting in lost resources or missed opportunity. Take, for example, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. CRM's can give priceless consumer insight and radically change the customer experience OR they can become an administration burden for employees and be plagued by technical difficulties. Leaders play a significant part in the effective and efficient use of these systems and this behaviour allows you to measure your leaders competency in this regard (see sample below). 


This sample result could highlight the participant: 

  • Is effectively engaging staff and peers to utilize systems without managements awareness
  • Is aware of significant additional capability within existing systems that is being underutilized (i.e. modules yet to be implemented)