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The accreditation will give you the ability to focus leaders on strategy achievement, role clarity, succession planning, leadership development, and the means to further develop business acumen, significantly enhancing your consulting and/or executive development toolkit. Getting accredited is a two day workshop with a follow-up day to consolidate your learning and is structured to support your development.





Quad Assessment will provide you with pre reading on the concept of Business Acumen. We will also activate two Business Acumen Gauge Assessment requests (yourself and a nominated client), to generate reports for use in the accreditation process. 


Facilitated by one of the founders of the Business Acumen Gauge the first workshop will cover the tools foundations, the origins of business acumen as a concept and the 11 capability model. Here you will learn the tool inside and out. After this session you’ll be in a position to debrief a nominated participant from within your organisation. 


Following the accreditation workshop you will be in a position to complete a debrief with your nominated participant / client. This will give you a chance to apply what you've learned and get some new questions along the way. 


Revisit key content, learn new debriefing strategies, consolidate your experiences with your nominated client debrief. After completing this session you are good to go. 


You will receive your BA Certification. Congratulations you're now part of the practitioner family. 

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